samedi 22 juin 2019

5 years of Don't Fuck with Donville

I wrote my first post on that blog on june 22nd 2014. Exactly 5 years ago.

So, everybody, put your hands on the screen of your computer or your Phone and feel the power of 5 years of great writings.

You'd probably want to ask me: "How does it feel to be a star of the web?". Well, nothing has really changed in my life except for the fact that I can now have sex everywhere with almost anybody. That's how it's always been for superstars. So, everyday, I have a lot of sex with girls and boys and a lot of cocaine and orgies. Sometimes a bit of LSD to get inspiration for my posts. And too, some funny activities like dwarf throw. But essentially, I'm still the good old Penetrator you've met 5 years ago.

On the investing level, what has changed over the last 5 years?


That's what I've got after all these years and that's my main advice to ALL OF YOU.

Seek that autonomy as soon as possible. Deny everybody. Deny me too. Never believe the opinion of others without verifying the facts. And even if the facts are there, deny the person who gave you the information. Never believe in somebody for too long. Find the best 5% of stocks available and stick with them.

Really, that's the best advice you could get from anybody. And almost no investors will tell you that because they want you to praise and worship them. But sadly, they're all full of shit and only want attention, because they want exposure.

With exposure, they'll meet a lot of investors and will get fucked by them because they're almost all gay.

6 commentaires:

  1. Congratulations Penetrator for 5 years of illuminating commentary and providing a platform for DIY investors to share their views on investing...It will always be a varied menu...

  2. "Find the best 5% of stocks available and stick with them."

    Well put. Very well put.

  3. Penetrator,

    Could you do an analysis of Open Text Corporation? Does it qualify as one of the best 5% of stocks? What do you guys think? I know we do not have too many tech success stories in Canada. Open Text may not impress with their ROE, but they generate huge cash flow to keep buying more companies.

    1. I've written something about OTEX a few years ago in my serie "not so great ROE stocks". I think I still feel the same about it.

      It's a good company but I'm not sure I like it enough to own it. It's not that predictable and the ROE is a little low.

  4. I’ve owned Open text since June 2015. I bought them after two consecutive earning misses and as I recall the CEO was suffering from leukemia at the time.

    It was one of the top holdings of a fund I follow in the states, ‘Disciplined Growth Investors.’ The guy (Frederick K Martin) who runs the fund wrote a book on growth investing called ‘Benjamin Graham and the Power of Growth Stocks.’ Great book by the way…

    Anyway I bought it and have held it. They instituted a dividend in 2013 I think and have raised it consistently since that time. That’s a good sign of rising cash flows which is often a sign of a good recurring revenue model which is what the CEO is striving for. The longer I spend in this investing game the less and less I get hung on numbers, mainly because that is what everybody else is looking at. But that’s just me I guess. I try to read the public disclosures put out by the management team. I do know they are getting heavily involved with artificial intelligence (that phrase always makes me laugh being an investor and all).

    It’s one of my core holdings and holds a big position in my investment portfolio. Some things I’ve done haven’t worked out at all and I suffered for it but on the other hand I did make some good moves. Buying Open Text was one of my good moves. Maybe I got lucky but then again I’ve had my share of bad luck too.