mercredi 19 juin 2019

Net assets for canadians

My last survey was a flop. Investors may be intelligent people, they can't understand a simple indication like "please, indicate the value of your portfolio". Instead, they fucking write long comments about something else. So, they're responsible for the failure of the survey and the impossibility for me to write something intelligent about the average value of the portfolios of readers of this blog.

So, let's seek information elsewhere.

Here's a link about the wealth of canadians on some french-canadian publication.

The first part of the article that caught my attention was the "savings superstars". In other words, that's the money that should be saved at different moments of life for an early retirement. In my humble opinion, these numbers are almost impossible to reach. They're in USD, which is even crazier.

25 years old: 79 000$
30 years old: 250 000$
35 years old: 429 000$
40 years old: 660 000$
45 years old: 914 000$
50 years old: 1 240 000$

OK, perhaps you've got there because you read this blog and you have no other goal in your life than owning as much money as you can. So, you only eat white bread with nothing on it and have no hobbies other than watching hardcore porn on Youporn. But you're an exception.

Another interesting part of the article: net assets per family.

They say that average net assets per canadian family would be 378 000$ (for families between 45 and 54 years old).

What the fuck? Does every fucking canadian own a house or what? I don't understand that number. A lot of people own nothing. There's even some rich people who own almost nothing because they're full of debts. Many people own a house, but their mortgage is at a crazy level. Around us, there's only people with debt.

My main justification is that about 33% of quebecers don't pay any taxes because they're too poor. How could net assets be 378 000$ per family at an age between 45 and 54?

Because everybody is rich in Toronto and Vancouver?

No shit. These fucking cities are full of crackhouses. Fuck you, Vancouver and Toronto and everybody living in those shitholes full of mofos. Fuck you too Montreal, by the way.

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  1. Hahahaha. Your articles make me lol. Keep it coming buddy!

    Based on Broadbent Institute
    -Richest 1% owns 20% of the wealth in Canada
    -Richest 20% owns 70% of the wealth in Canada
    -50% own less than 6% of the wealth in Canada
    -Poorest 20% owns less than 1% of the wealth in Canada

    The research was completed in 2014 probably based on much earlier data so it is plausible that the wealth gap is much widen.

    I believe in capitalism and don't support socialistic ideas for obvious reasons but just hope that there is some sort of voluntary wealth redistribution movements by riches. Bill gates, Buffett, Michael Mell, Page and Brin etc. have done a great job and hope that spreads to build healthier community.

    I know I would sound socialistic but wouldn't it be almost only way to make it happen?

  2. Lol, keep up the good work penetrator , enjoy your blog . 👍

  3. I think the author used the standard average that can over estimate the average when the set of value ranges over many order of magnitude. For example, if you 2 millionnaires and 8 folks who own only 10 dollars, the average will be 200 000$.

    If you use the geometric mean (average of logs(value), the average will be 15$

  4. I can't hear you because I have my two Stanley cup rings plugging my ears. Signed, le Roi de Ste Foy aka Patrick Roy #33.


  6. One of the best sports FUs ever. C’etais envers Jeremy Roenick...

  7. What do you have against Pornhub? smh. I love this blog. No sarcasm, always lots to think about.