dimanche 22 septembre 2019

A meeting with Jason Del Vicario

Last july, I'm walking across the Vancouver Bridge with some members of my family to visit the town (don't know the name of the bridge, but it's the main one). Just as the bridge is over, we cross a guy who's injecting himself something, probably heroin. It's about 7 PM. There's still sunlight. There's also a lot of trafic all around.

What the fuck am I seeing at a few meters from me, with my 9 years old son?

The last and only other time I saw someone using heroin on the streets was in january 1997, still in Vancouver.

When I saw that guy, in july 2019, I immediately thought about Jason Del Vicario, who represents Vancouver in my mind. I was going to write on this blog that he was responsible for what happens in his city, because he's the face of the town for me and many other investors from all across Canada. After all, which other celebrity is from Vancouver? Bryan Adams? Yes. But he's an has-been. Vicario is in his prime.

But I didn't write that. And I didn't even tell him that story yesterday while he and I sat together for a few hours at le Sacrilège in Quebec City (my favorite bar). Oh yes, ladies and gentleman, two of your favorite characters sat together in normal chairs, among normal people, taking normal beers, taking normal piss.

Here's 10 random facts about Vicario:

1- He talks a lot. My estimate is that he talked 80% of the time;
2- He's a nice guy;
3- His culture is wide. He has visited many countries. He went to Russia, Mongolia, China, Poland (Auschwitz);
4- He knows a lot of stuff about World War II and concentration camps;
5- He fishes salmon and smokes it by himself;
6- When he was younger, he played violin and piano;
7- He speaks a pretty good french for a guy who's from Vancouver;
8- He crossed the way of several heroin addicts in Vancouver and has his own theory about how to fix it;
9- He likes poutine;
10- He doesn't receive any money when he shows up on BNN.

I haven't met millions of investors but my opinion hasn't changed a lot over the last years. I still think that they're either very boring people (most of them) either degenerate people (a smaller percentage).

I don't know Vicario that much but he probably doesn't fit in any of these categories. He's an interesting guy and seems honest.

I now form a magical alliance with him in Vancouver and Be Smart Rich in Toronto.

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