vendredi 20 septembre 2019

How to get richer (you and your family)

1- Spending habits: Don't spend your money on expensive stuff that lose their value over time. It's the most important rule to follow, in my opinion. 
2- Stock market: if you're not an entrepreneur, it's the only place where your savings can double, triple, and so on. You should put the emphasis there. 
4- TFSA: Don't pay any taxable capital gains on your investments with that great invention. Invest on the stock market there.
3- RRSP: Prepare your retirement and get some tax exonerations from the government. It's a double good effect. You can get a bigger tax return and put that money on your next RRSP contribution. Don't pay any taxable capital gains there either. Invest on the stock market there.
4- RESP: The canadian government will add 20% of what you add in the account and the Quebec government (if you're a quebecois) will add 10%. You'll get 30% of your investment for free. The stock market can't beat that. Help your children and benefit from that generous governmental contribution. 
5- Credit Cards: I'm a little bit crazy about all these credit cards promotions. You won't get rich with these, but you'll get some interesting returns (some credits cards give a cash back of 4 or 5% on everything you purchase and some have even a better return for a few months). Some other will help you to travel for much less. I personnaly use many credit cards for that reason. For instance, in Alaska, almost all my hotel rooms were free because of points earned with credit cards. Also, the plane for 4 people was at the price of only one person. It's a great place to look for some interesting benefits when you're responsible and pay all your bills. 
6- Real estate investments: Not my cup of tea, because you need to put a lot of time, efforts and money there (after the initial investment, you still have to put money to pay taxes, services, janitors and so on). However, I know a few people who are really fond on that kind of investment. Personnaly, I only own my house and a forest land. I have no intention to invest more money in some land or buildings but it may be a good investment for someone with the right profile. 

That's what's easily accessible for you if you want to get richer. Try that now.  But first, save your money.

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