vendredi 19 juin 2020

First experience in a pub after 3 months and a half

Yesterday, I went out with a friend. Restaurants have opened this week in Quebec and I needed to drink some beers to remember who I am outside of home.

At around 7 PM, the weather was 30 celcius degrees. So, many people were looking for a terrace. There were line-ups in front of many downtown restaurants. Inside, however, with social distancing practices, I believe that the pub was at least 25% (probably more) under it's usual capacity because of fewer tables.

The waiters were wearing masks but they stood close to us. When I went to take a piss, I had to walk between two waiters who were chatting. They both stood on my way and I probably touched their clothes on my way. Nothing to worry, but it shows, in my opinion, that apparent measures are applied (masks and disposition of tables) but less apparent measures are way less applied.

Later, after smoking some weed with the same tool as my friend who refused to shake my hand 3 hours before (because of a fear of contamination), we went for a walk on the desert streets of my city (on a very beautiful and hot thursday night), we realized that almost every bar closed at 11 PM or before (the usual closing time is 3 AM). The crazy orgy night that I thought it would be (after 3 months of lockdown) was actually something similar to a monday or tuesday night in november.

I believe that the impulsion is there, but it didn't started over like I thought it would.

It's only my experience, in my city. I don't know the value that this story has. But, if I apply my experience to the economy, I would say that the economic life won't be back with force until a few more months. At least for restaurants and pubs.

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