jeudi 25 juin 2020

The sad recent past of Donville Kent

Once in a while, I take a look at Donville Kent's Website to see how things are going for them. After all, not so long ago, many of us were big fans.

But now, Jason Donville looks like most of the stocks he chosed as top picks many years ago: faded. It's sad, because we're all looking for a messiah and Donville wasn't our messiah. Who's gonna be the next one?

So, when you get on Donville Kent website, you can see "ANNUALIZED RETURN SINCE INCEPTION: 15,31%". Then, you push the "Learn more" section and you can see the details for the last years. And then, things look way less interesting...

For instance, for the last 5 years, here's Donville Kent returns VS S&P 500 returns:

2015: 4,06% VS -0,73%
2016: -1,66% VS 9,54%
2017: 10,85% VS 19,42%
2018: -4,85% VS -6,24%
2019: 19,24% VS 28,88%
2020 (until end of may): -11,89%  VS -6,5%

Since 2015, Donville Kent has been beaten by the S&P500 by a wide margin. It's not even close.

So, the 15,31% since inception looks great, but the recent past wasn't very good. The most important thing is a relative performance because an absolute performance means nothing. Plus, you can set the beginning date that you want if you want, to impress people.

2 commentaires:

  1. I recall dumbville recommending crh medical and referring to as the best and cleanest small cap stock in Canada.. it’s laughable that dumbville hasn’t been seen on market call since his shitty recommendations ... I follow peter hodsen and his crew at 5 Eye research .. those boys are great 😀

  2. For the most part the only way to beat the S&P 500 by a wide margin is to be mostly invested in tech stocks. I have a feeling that will be the case going forward as well. The Nasdaq will be the benchmark one day.