jeudi 4 juin 2020

Main goal in life

What's your main goal in life? What do you desire the most between these choices? 

1- To fuck as much girls (or boys) as I can;
2- To become powerful or popular, to be an influent person;
3- To become rich to buy anything I want (a big car, a big house);
4- To become rich to do anything I want (like saying my boss to fuck himself);
5- To live as much experiences as I can (drugs, sports, books, music, tatoos, penis in the ass);
6- To explore the world (live among different cultures and eat the same shit as they do);
7- Money isn't that important for me. I only want to be with my friends and my family and listen to Pachelbel's Canon;
7- I don't have any specific goal. Life is absurd. 

I'd really like to get as much answers as possible in the comment section, please. 

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