dimanche 12 juillet 2020

Why I don't follow anybody anymore (or almost...)

I'm a blogger since 2005. First, in french, then, 9 years later, in english.

I've always wanted to reach people, but I don't think I've ever wanted to be widely popular. Because, with fame, comes problems. And I have enough problems. Also, I never thought that I deserved admiration. Probably that I need some attention, but not more.

I'm suspicious of people who look too much virtuous or who tell their opinion too often on social medias. That's why I don't like Twitter that much. The media is mostly made for people to tell their daily opinion within a few sentences.And once they get 50 000 followers, they are famous. They are little pop stars, just like some Youtubers. 

You find that kind of people in entertainment but also in finance. Actually, many people want to be someone, and, usually, being someone implies to be popular. Being on TV, on Twitter, Youtube or Instagram and having many followers.

Lately, in Quebec, we've seen a lot of denunciations of people in the music business being rude to women. Some have raped women, some have just been impolite or gross with them frequently (like taking their dicks off their pants and telling girls to suck it).

I think that power and popularity are very dangerous for a normal person. They make you think that you are very special and that there's some kind of divine light shining on you all the time. You take cocaine, you fuck one different girl each day, you eventually want something tighter so you try boys under 18, you become cocky, you think you're untouchable, your opinion sounds like something written in the bible and you start to frequent people like you...

You know what? I bet that 50% of the people widely popular that we follow on Twitter or that we listen to on TV are fucked up. That includes investors, which are famous for being degenerate people. Actually, we belong to the most degenerate category of people if we consider our hobby as a job.

I often say that we have to know what we do as investors. We have to be independant. Not just because it's important to understand how to pick a good company. But also because almost nobody on the media deserves to be trusted. Most of them lie to us to push their stocks and do some market manipulation. But mostly, they snort coke, fuck young girls and young boys and give them their herpes.

They could very well fuck your 14 years old daughter right now.

2 commentaires:

  1. Well we live in dangerous times. I'm also from "la belle province", but I'm staunchly defending my right to anonymity simply because the world has gone batshit crazy.

    The most troubling trend is the rise of censorship. I mean we can't discuss/debate issues without having lunatics label us this or that. And social media is caught in the firestorm. Censorer-in-chief Dorsey recently made headlines by afixing "hate speech" notes next to Trump's tweets. But his own "head of site integrity", the man responsible for censorship at Twitter, actually called Trump a Nazi. And
    this is the man responsible for ensuring "balanced and respectful debate". But Dorsey doesn't care because he wants to use his companies to promote his worldview.

    So I sold my shares of Square, a Dorsey company. I made lots of money, and will miss out on much more, but I don't want to make the guy any richer. He's too dangerous. Investing in Dorsey is like investing in companies producing landmines. Freedom of speech is too important for this world, and I can't let people with too much power decide what freedom of speech should look like.

  2. I hope I can get to that level where only boys will satisfy me. Tits? I've moved on, honey.