samedi 22 août 2020

The Darkest Hour

I just finish watching "The Darkest Hour" on Netflix. It's a movie based on the beginning of World War II and the struggle of Winston Churchill to remain at the reins of the government while some political opponents made pressure upon him to negociate with Mussolini for some kind of peace treaty. 

It's very good. Of course, there's some flaws in the movie, but, mostly, it's a great story about a great character. 

Do you realize how hard it may have been to see all of Europe fall to the hands of Nazi Germany and be the only free country on the entire continent (except from some small neutral countries)? Seeing how strong are the german armies and how easy it is for them to defeat everybody, including Poland, France and Russia... And seeing the Luftwaffe bombing London for many weeks. 

The movie ends with what is probably the greatest speech in the history of mankind: the famous speech where Churchill says that England will fight on the streets, on the fields, everywhere, and they will never surrender. That speech has been heard by millions of people and is even sampled in some songs like "Fool's Overture" by Supertramp.  

That's very inspiring to see Churchill in action. He may have been an alcoholic and, to some extent, a white supremacist (who would not have been in the 30's and 40's?) and an angry person, he saved Europe more than anybody else. To me, he's the ultimate symbol of resistance. 

I recommend you this movie. As I recommend "Greatest events of World War II in colour" which is also on Netflix and probably even better than "The Darkest Hour". 

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  1. Churchill was very inspiring, but the british resisted the German with a combination of luck (movie Dunkirk) and having bright and disciplined people working hard in the army and on the civil side. The movie "Imitation game", even if inaccurate, illustrate the very important contribution of those bright people to crack the German codes.

    But the movie that illustrate the most why the British resisted the German invasion is "Battle of Britain" (1969). There is some luck on the British side, but the discipline, accurate strategy and tactics of the British made them win the air battle and discourage the German from further attacking Britain.

    By the way, the German did not defeated the Russian and it was certainly not easy fight!

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    2. Of course, Germany didn't defeat Russia, but not because Russia was superior. Only because of the extremely wide territory and winter.

  2. Russia was inferior at the beggining because they were unprepaired, but from late 1942 they were superior in number as with many technologies like their T34, the Katyusha rocket launcher and equipment suited for the winter.

  3. Midway(2019) is a good film(not on Netflix). Apparently, the Americans were supposed to lose but fluked out a win. The Japanese were better soldiers and had better planes and artillery -- they may have had better everything except luck.

  4. The strength of the American on that battle was that their intelligence cracked the position of the Japanese aircraft carriers so they could totally take the Japanese by surprise and destroy their four aircraft carriers on the site. But true, the American had some luck too, finding on the late all aircraft carriers together.