lundi 24 août 2020

The 15% rule

The rule I try to follow the most in investment is the 15% rule.

It means: try to find a stock with a growth rate approaching 15% per year (which is hard and very often expensive) and a ROE of 15%. 

The stock market offers new stocks every year and some rookie stocks seduce a lot of people. Some people say "things have changed, it's not like before, we now must value stocks in a different way!".

Well, some people said that in 1999-2000, just before the mega Internet bubble bursted. And probably that some people said that in 1929 too. But I don't remember exactly. It's too far for my memory to be accurate. 

My portfolio is based on that 15%  rule. I try to be rational but a bit agressive. Once again, it's just my method and it may not be the best in the world. But that method implies that I buy stocks that offer a good growth, but not a crazy growth that would bring too much competition or that would be very hard to manage. 

First and foremost, I understand what I do with that method. It should always be the first thing to consider: do you understand what you're doing with the savings of your life? 

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