lundi 5 octobre 2020

How stupid people are

We're now in the second wave of COVID-19 in Quebec. Yesterday, I learned that there was a COVID case at my son's school which is located something like 10 000 kilometers away from China. That fucking virus has traveled literally to my front door. 

What is more worrying than the virus itself is surely how stupid people are. You've surely heard about all these "covidiots" who think that the virus is a scam and everything the governement is doing is part of a plan to take control of our freedom. If you're one of these people, please, don't even write a comment to explain your point. I don't want to read what you have to say. Please, just shut the fuck up and chose the way you want to disappear. 

Today, there was a girl on a facebook group of my neighbourhood writing "Since there's a case of COVID at our school, I will give a lot of my maternity milk to my kids and since my breasts are full of milk, I can give some to you to reinforce your immunitary system". 


If you'd be one of these people accepting the offer of drinking maternity milk of a girl you don't know, please, don't write anything in the comment section because I'll be able to identify you and I'll despise you forever. Even if you're a very good investor and bring nice things in the comment section, I won't have any respect for you anymore. So, please, shut the fuck up. 

We have a couple of obligations: first, to stay away from these people. Second, to act in a different way to these people, which implies to read a lot of things and develop our judgment (which usually goes with reading a lot). Third, to question our own choices and try to see what's rational and what's not (which is difficult because we're all conditioned to consider some things "normal" to some extent). 

At least, in the investment world, most of us seek only profit. So, we don't discuss too much about opinions and convictions, which is a very good thing, because convictions and opinions open the door to a lot of things we don't want to know about other people. Like when we learn that they drink maternity milk or their own piss for detoxing purpose. And, while some invest like braindead, most "real" investors have a rational approach most of time (even if they're wrong, their decisions are based on something that's usually a little bit intelligent. 

And we don't argue too much between investors. Most of us try to improve, try to learn how things work. And when we see that something doesn't work, it's not always easy, but it's a very good idea to look somewhere else. For instance, I've recently realized that I owned some stocks that didn't grow as much as I wanted. I even sold one of the stocks that I considered a "permanent stock". Only time will tell if I was right or wrong, but at least, my decision wasn't based on a fucking conspiracy website about some gigantic imaginary hoax. 


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  1. Cracked me up: "I will give a lot of my maternity milk to my kids and since my breasts are full of milk, I can give some to you to reinforce your immunitary system"