lundi 2 novembre 2020

A few well known names that nobody talks about these days

 While the market is still expensive, there's a few very well known names which are available at a fair price and I would even dare to say that are a little cheap.

Couche-Tard (forward PE: 16) is probably my favorite stock of these three. About 40 years after it's beginning, Couche-Tard still knows, probably more than ever, how to make cash. And even if electric cars are coming, the vast majority of cars will remain powered by fuel for a lot of years. That company is incredibly well managed and they do wonders with margins that are so small that most of us would do bankrupt. There's a very short list of stocks that we should just buy and let go and Couche-Tard is one of them. 

Dollarama (forward PE:20) Even if I hate China, Dollar stores will continue to make a lot of money selling their cancerigen stuff made in China to canadians. That company makes a lot of money. It's ROE is astronomical, debt level is OK, business operates in a free-market, in a sector where a big scandal has little chances to happen. One of the best, if not the best, in retail in Canada. 

CGI (forward PE: 15 ) is probably my least favorite of these three stocks, but still a very good company that reduced a lot is debt during the last years and is now in a very good position for a big acquisition. I feel it coming. But I've felt it coming for at least 5 years. My prophet skills don't seem to be very helpful. But anyway, even without a big acquisition, that stock will do at least OK. 

I don't see any big risk of buying any of these three names now. They're all solid and they're all not pricey at all. Plus, they all got a good or great track record, which is one of the most important things to consider.

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