mercredi 4 novembre 2020

Nobody gives a fuck

I thought that the american election would have a lot of impact on the market.

Many people on the media said that this election was the most important for the future of USA.  

Well, on the day following the election, we still don't know if Trump or Biden is elected president. Given the fact that the S&P is up 2,3% today, I would dare to say that the market doesn't give a fuck about a democrat or republican president. The market doesn't give a fuck if there's an actual president, may he be blue or red. 

It's a formative experience because I would never have thought that such optimism would come out of ambiguity. So, for all those stupid people who sold 25 or 50% of their holdings prior to the election, remind that day and slap yourself on the face until you bleed. You deserve it. 

7 commentaires:

  1. The fact that the market is up under the present circumstances has got to be bullish in my mind, but weather the market is up or down, I am in it for the long term...

  2. I think it’s up because Biden was supposed to win by a landslide, not a few seats.

  3. I only sold 3% of my holdings yesterday and I'm starting to regret it.

  4. If Biden wins, his margin of victory far too small to pass tax hikes or other bearish policy. So markets rallied.

  5. I agree Edutrader! More important than the election is Kent Donville coming to BNN Bloomberg Market Call!!!! Stay tuned!!!! Maybe he can recommend Valeant(now Bausch) again like in 2016 so you can lose your shirt and the farm! Don't fuck with Donville, my investment hero!!!! LOL