mercredi 3 mars 2021

Isn't it supposed to be a crisis?

My Nostradamus skills are very bad. 

One year ago, I thougth that world expenses would drop to an never-known level since 2008, and maybe even before that. 

Against all odds, many sectors of the economy did very well since the beginning of the pandemic. And one of these many surprises is the real estate sector. 

For instance, home sales increased by 70% between this year and last year in Vancouver. In Toronto, the same number increased by 53%. And the average price of a home is now over 1 million dollars in Toronto. In Montreal, the median price of homes increased by 100 000$ on a single year. Crazy.

Half of canadians aged between 25 and 35 are owners of their home. About 25% of them bought their home since the beginning of the pandemic. 

I would NEVER have thougth that such thing would happen if I had to make a prediction last year. But I would never have thought that the Bitcoin would raise this high, such as Tesla, such as a million other things. 

That's why I'll never have a very concentrated portfolio. I'm very bad at predicting things even if I read the fucking newspaper. 

What's the fucking use of reading the news if it doesn't give us superpowers? 

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