lundi 1 mars 2021

Portfolio review - March 1st 2021

I've recently had a discussion with someone about passions. And I've realized that investment is not a real passion for me. I really like it. I find it challenging and it's a topic that forces you to read a lot of stuff, think, take risks, reevaluate constantly, and so on. 

But, if I had, say, one billion dollars, would I still buy stocks? Frankly, I think not. What would be the goal? To get 2 billion dollars? To start a charity fund? To help poor and sick people? What the fuck? 

It's not like playing piano or travelling around the world. Investing is a hobby with a goal, a target. Maybe that some investors will disagree with me here. And maybe that some will even be disappointed about my opinion. Actually, it's exactly an aspect of Warren Buffett's personality which disgusts me: his desire of getting more and more money and his disinterest of almost any other topic.

So, let's enjoy my posts about investing because as soon as I have enough money to enjoy the rest of my life at the fullest, it's gonna be over. Fuck you all. 


It is time for the quarterly portfolio review. 

Number of stocks: 22

Three biggest stakes: Google, Facebook, Constellation Software

Average ROE: 30

Average forward PE: 34

Average Beta: 1

Estimated annual EPS growth next 5 years: 19%

Performance YTD: 2%

Performance of the S&P YTD:  5%

I'm a little behind the S&P so far, but Couche-Tard hurt my portfolio. 

I hold Alain Bouchard responsible for that 3%. 

3 commentaires:

  1. I think investing for Buffet is a lifestyle or maybe even more accurately, a game. At any rate I don't think its just the money he's after. He does have other interests...I know he enjoys playing Bridge.

    Anyway I'm up 7.49 percent after the first quarter of this year far, so good.

    My top three holdings are BIP.UN, BEP.UN (TSX) and ADI (NYSE)

    And I've noticed my smaller cap holdings are starting to move which is a nice added bonus.

    I sold my Blackberry holdings at 17.94, I sold one day too early but that's the market. You will never execute perfectly but overall I'm satisfied.

    There seems to be a definite rotation going on into the energy sector and the material sector as well.

    1. Good results so far. Good luck for the rest of the year!

  2. Buffet is quite involved in charity and financial education too.

    Up 10% YTD, catching up the 3% underperformance to S&P of last year with my "boring" value stocks.

    Three top holdings: BRKB, SCHW, KMX