dimanche 4 juillet 2021

A change of vocation for the summer

I decided that I wanted to write about something else than investment. After all, investment should only be a tool to get what we want or what we need. 

In my case, investment is a hobby that I like. But it's not what excites me the most and something that I really need to be happy.

What I need is to meet people and have fun with them. Sometimes, I like to make fun of people too, but not in a mean way. Let's say that I like unease much more than the average person. So, in a way, I seek unease. 

But I think that what I like the most is to play music with people and traveling. Both activities completely vanished for me during the pandemic. But possibilities of travel are coming back. So far, I've travelled two times this summer and I will travel once more in a few days. If everything is fine, I'll probably do one last travel in september which will make 4 travels during 4 months. Not bad.

So, for the next months, I will write some stuff about travels. It's what money - and holidays - allow me to do frequently.  

I'll write a lot about Canada, because in a few days, I'll be able to say that I've visited 8 provinces out of 10 (and 0 territory). I'll write about what I like the best and the less in Canada. 

And I'll write some other stuff too. Once I start writing, I never really know what kind of crap will emerge.

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