samedi 7 août 2021

An ode to the road

I love to travel. 


I don't know. Maybe because it breaks routine. Maybe it's because I discover cities and places that only existed on a map for me before. Maybe it's because I come back a little bit different after each one of my trips. Actually, I believe that, for each travel, a little bit of myself stayed where I was and I came back with a little bit of the place I've been. Isn't it crazy to visit amazing places and meet special people that didn't exist the day before? 

I remember wondering a few times why it took me so long to see a specific place. Why I've spent half of my life ignoring something so amazing?   

It's a certitude for me: travels bring me something that nothing else brings to my life. 

Money allows me to travel many times a year. That's the reward of a solid portfolio. Actually, that's not my portfolio's money. That's my income money. Because I'm able to spend my income money how I want to. My portfolio doesn't really need any new money (even if I continue to add some money here and there). 

You have to find what you love as soon as possible and put a certain focus of your life on that topic. If it's free, good for you! But if it costs money, you'll thank your "past self" for helping you to be your "present self". 

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