dimanche 15 août 2021

Next step: Winnipeg

If it wasn't for COVID, my holidays would have been in Chile, in Egypt, Jordan or something like that. It would have been exotic and I would have had to communicate in a foreign language with people for whom women have less rights than dogs. 

But COVID made things complicated and I decided to stay in Canada and, by the end of the summer, having visited the few provinces that I hadn't visited yet. 

My next step is Winnipeg, by the end of the current week. Frankly, I don't know what I'm gonna do there. Saskatchewan inspired me a bit, but Manitoba doesn't inspire me at all. But it's one of my rare privileges after two Moderna doses: I can go to Manitoba without having to self isolate. So, I claim the privilege of being able to enter Manitoba without burdens. 

My expectations are basement-level. I can only have interesting surprises or getting what I expect to get (nothing).  

I spent a few minutes watching the map of Winnipeg today and I was so bored. That city is a mistake of creation. That's the most poetic I can be.  

But I hope I'm wrong. 

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