lundi 6 septembre 2021

Seeking Alpha and Stockchase

Is it me or you now have to pay to see everything that's written on Stockchase? Actually, you can see a part of the information without paying, but you quickly come to an end of what's free. 

Maybe I'm many months late, because I don't really go on that site anymore. But it was a favorite of mine for many years. 

After Seeking Alpha (which now offers a very shitty service unless you pay), here's another website that wants your money against some general information. We're not talking about super useful information. We're talking mostly about opinions. 

There's probably a lot of alternatives offered to investors out there, so I believe that forcing people to pay to consult information/opinions on these websites will only make them less and less popular. That's what they deserve. Because nobody wants to pay for such general information. I would never pay to read the opinion of dozens of investors that I don't respect (on Stockchase, 90% of investors don't deserve any attention from us). 

Young investors will have to look elsewhere to copy opinions of so-called experts. The result will probably be the same because "experts" are bad everywhere. And whatever I'm saying, young investors just want to be convinced by somebody who looks sure about what he's saying. 

I repeat what I've once said: forget all that and buy stocks with high margins (over 20%) and high ROE (over 20%). Of course, don't pay too much for these two metrics (like a PE of 50 for instance) With both these metrics, you're better than at least 80% of investors. And you can afford to never visit Seeking Alpha and Stockchase again. 

5 commentaires:

  1. A lot of content on Stockchase is still free but it's true that we are testing making some content restricted and we try to push the Premium subscription a lot. Advertising generates less and less revenues and is not viable. It costs us to run the site, we need to pay editors to write the content, etc. Stockchase doesn't break even yet it does not cost that much but does not generate that much revenues either. Making the site less popular is not really an issue, because being popular only raises our costs and make the site less profitable. If we could be free and still have a viable business model we'd be happy to stay free. Thanks for sharing your opinion anyway ;-)

  2. I quit visiting Stockchase website as well. I visited it to see the opinions of guests on BNN Marketcall. I have no interest in the extra commentary on the site. Now I just use BNN's website for top picks as a source for ideas.

  3. I would never pay for any of that garbage. Those guys opinion on stocks are as good as mine the way I see it.

  4. Seeking Alpha used to be good but it's been taken over by cryptocrap