jeudi 9 septembre 2021

Next step: The east

I'll complete my visit of Canada in a few days by visiting Halifax and St-John's (Newfoundland). These two cities are very attractive to me. Even though I've never been there, I expect that at least one of these two will be one of my favorite places in Canada. 

The only province I've never visited so far is Nova Scotia. So, by visiting Halifax, I'll be able to claim with a lot of pride and pretention that I've visited all 10 provinces. Is it an achievement? I don't know. Probably.

What will be my next step after that? I don't know. Everything depends on COVID. But probably that I'll wait to visit the three territories. COVID or not COVID, I'll need a real adventure soon. So, I'll probably chose among the countries where it's not too complicated to penetrate. Something like Mexico. 

Anyway, next trip won't happen before Christmas time. Maybe we'll all be dead because of Delta Variant by then. 

So, maybe making plans is a waste of time right now. I should enjoy my last weeks alive.

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