jeudi 11 novembre 2021

Now that I have much more money...

When I started this blog (june 2014), I was funnier, more naive and I had much less money. 

Now, I have enough money to retire and live a relatively comfortable life. I'd be able to pay the rent, the grocery and for some travels and hobbies.But I won't because I haven't reach the level where I would be SUPER comfortable. 

What changes with money? Nothing. Same problems. More health problems actually because, usually, when you have more money, you're older. And when you're older, you start to have some health issues. I have some. Nothing super serious, but enough problems to realize that the road ahead will be bumpier than the road behind. However, like everybody says, money brings a lot of freedom. I don't have to go to Old Orchard for my holidays because of a limited budget. I could go anywhere around the world without any impact on my financial future. I could buy a Tesla, but I won't because I've never bought that kind of luxury and I probably never will. 

I have no big restriction. Let's put it this way: I could live any reasonable life I would like to live. The fact that I don't have a big house nor a big car helps a lot. 

I think that I will have enough money the day where a cruise to Antarctica from Ushuai (15 000 to 20 000$) will be something that I could buy anytime without any impact on my life. I could buy that today, but I'd have to make choices. When that cruise will have no effect on any other of my choices of expenses, that will be the day where I have plenty of money. And that will also be the day where retirement will be a short-term option. 

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