mercredi 1 décembre 2021

Portfolio review (december 1st 2021)

Penetrator portfolio:

Number of stocks : 18

Average Forward PE : 34

Average ROE : 35

Average Beta : 1,07

Dividend of the portfolio: 0.1% 

Top 5 positions: 48% of the portfolio

Performance YTD : 20,5%

S&P performance YTD: 13,4%

Not so long ago, I was sure that I wouldn't beat the S&P in 2021. It now looks that I will beat it without any problem. That shows how unpredictable the market is. And that also shows how the exchange rate may help you a bit if you own a lot of american stocks. 

I currently own only one canadian stock. I never held only one canadian stock before. And frankly, I don't think that I will buy another canadian stock soon. 

3 commentaires:

  1. My portfolio (all in my RRSP) is up 19.6 % so far this year.

    My top 5 positions take up 59 % of my portfolio.

    I hold 16 stocks in total.

    My approach to investing is a little more electric than that of the Penetrator. I hold some energy stocks as well as many spinoffs (half of my holdings).

    The dividends my holdings throw off in a year is currently 2.92 % of the total value of my portfolio.

    Like the Penetrator I don't trade much. I prefer to buy and hold for as long as I can.

    Unlike the Penetrator, I focus more on cash flow than earnings and ignore the beta of stocks and I don't like the mega-cap stocks (over-owned by the institutions).

    I like to focus on senior management and how they allocate their capital as well as the business model of the company and where the company fits in relative to the industry they operate in.

    I ignore the macro stuff (media, economists, market direction) and prefer to read the letters to the shareholders of the CEO's of the companies I own or am researching. Brookfield really stands out here.

    For me investing is more of an artform but I realize everybody is different and find themselves in their own particular situations when it comes to investing.

    Finally, I find investing in the stock market to be a very creative experience as well as a lucrative one...

  2. I thought you decided to only be invested in QQQ?