lundi 20 décembre 2021

Your picks for 2022

Dear droogies, it may be my last post of 2021 due to holidays (which I will spend outside of my province). 

So, I believe it may be the perfect moment to ask you what are, in your opinion, the 5 best stocks to own in 2021.  

That kind of post usually brings a few new good ideas. So, I hope there will be a lot of comments. 

Here's my top 5:

Constellation Software (CSU.TO)

Alphabet / Google (GOOG)

Meta Platforms / Facebook (FB)

Microsoft (MSFT)

EPAM systems (EPAM)

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  1. Brookfield Business Partners (BBU.UN)...TSX
    Whitecap Resources Inc (WCP)...TSX
    TELUS International (TIXT)...TSX
    Envista Holdings Corp. (NVST)...NYSE
    Vontier Corp. (VNT)...NYSE
    I own all the above stocks in my RRSP.

    Not sure if they will all outperform next year but over the next three years I think they all should do well.

    WCP would be my pick to outperform all the others on the list for next year. (after a 6 year bear market in oil I think we our in the early stages of a bull run in that commodity...WCP is the top intermediate producer in Canada in my opinion)
    Merry Christmas everyone and hopefully 2022 will be a better year for all of us.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Gavin! I will have to read up about Envista and Vontier. How did you find them?
      Merry Christmas!

    2. They are both spinoffs (this has become a specialty of mine)...I read different stuff and record my findings in my blog to keep track of the information.

      NVST was spun out of Danahar...A few blurbs below...
      WASHINGTON, June 27, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Danaher Corporation (NYSE: DHR) ("Danaher") today announced that Envista Holdings Corporation ("Envista" or the "Company") will be the name of the separate company Danaher intends to create and take public via an initial public offering in the second half of 2019. Envista will be comprised of three operating companies within Danaher's Dental segment: Nobel Biocare Systems, KaVo Kerr, and Ormco. These businesses have significant positions in dental implants, orthodontics, dental equipment and consumables, and include brands such as Nobel Biocare, KaVo, Kerr, i-CAT, Dexis, Metrex, Pelton & Crane, Ormco, Implant Direct, and Orascoptic. Envista will be led by Amir Aghdaei, who will become President and Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Aghdaei currently serves as Danaher Group Executive with responsibility for the Dental segment.
      Future growth of the dental products industry will be driven by:

      an aging population;
      the current under-penetration of dental procedures, especially in high-growth markets;
      improving access to complex procedures due to increasing technological innovation;
      an increasing demand for cosmetic dentistry; and
      growth of Dental Support Organizations (“DSOs”), which are expected to drive increasing penetration and access to care globally.
      I'll let you discover VNT on your own (Brookfield Asset Management are a shareholder)...For me money is made in the dark, not the light...

  2. Topicus (toi.v)
    Lightspeed (
    goeasy (
    sangoma ( or sang on nasdaq)
    spinmaster (

  3. Sangoma
    Pluribus IPO when it comes in 2022(very similar to CSU in that it acquires small software companies)

  4. The above stock selection is compliments of yours truly. You welcome!
    No animals have been hurt when I made the top five list.

  5. Wow Dean you are a great stock picker!
    Well thank you!

  6. Ressemble beaucoup aux tiens:

    Constellation Software

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  8. Amazon
    Epsilon .net
    Tremor International

    1. Wow - I have never heard of most of these... Greek, British, Korean stocks. What has been your experience investing outside of Canada? Any tips on screens or interesting international funds for inspiration?

      I sometimes look at publications from KAR, Mawer, and Fundsmith/Smithson but never bought a foreign stock.

    2. I follow twitter accounts that share interesting ideas. Similar to Canada, Europe or Korea are good places to invest.

      Amazon: No growth in 2021 after a stellar 2020. Growth will resume in 2022/2023. Cheap around 3000$.

      Epsilon: Greek company growing at > 100% every year. Greece laws require adopting software to every company to get/send digital documents. So still big the next few years.

      Gravity: Korean Game company that owns Ragnarok games. Plenty of cash in the balance sheet selling for 7 p/e (4 ex-cash) and growing sales and earnings.

      Spotify: Everybody knows the Swedish company. Leaders in streaming, they are betting hard in podcasts. The future google of audio, it's a long term play. Very cheap now in the low 200$.

      Tremor International: Digital advertising company from Israel with a big chunk of sales in CTV (connected tv) growing fast. Very cheap compared to other similar companies.

      Im gonna add FC (Franklin Covey): leadership training solutions company, they are going for a subscription model (recurrent sales) that is growing 25% sales (even more the ebitda). Can be a 2-3 bagger in the next few years.

  9. People's top 5 is just QQQ with a couple other non-QQQ stocks so it doesn't look too much like QQQ.

  10. Thank You for sharing!

    TSE:CTS (value-added IT reseller rollup; current price 10.78)
    TSE:ENGH (telecom software rollup; 46.75)
    TSE:CSU (niche software rollup; 2290.01)
    TSE:ATD (gas station rollup; 51.58)
    TSE:BAM.A (alternative asset manager; 75.41)
    Waiting to buy in RRSP/TFSA in December/January... mostly trying to rebalance... not sure about valuation.

    Not sure what my performance was in 2021 but did a lot of cleaning in the spring (sold out of 11 companies).
    Failed to open a proper brokerage account, failed to diversify into US stocks, and only saved about 1/4 of what initially hoped.

  11. Top 5 Stocks:

    1. Danaher Corp(DHR)
    2. Bausch Health(BHC.TO)
    3. Twilio(TWLO)
    4. Disney(DIS)
    5. Zenvia Inc(ZENV)

    I own DHR, TWLO & DIS and will look for opportunities to add during the year on pullbacks. Looking for an entry point to buy BHC now and monitoring ZENV as a moonshot selection as a small cap.

    Good luck!