jeudi 30 décembre 2021

I caught COVID!

I just come back from Nova Scotia. It was nice but very quiet. The streets were empty, the shops were almost empty, the hotels were deserted...

And I managed to catch COVID there anyway. Isn't it funny? 

I don't know exactly where I got it but I strongly suspect a restaurant where I ate. Because, the day after my dinner, I got a call from the same restaurant telling me that my reservation for the evening was cancelled because of COVID in the restaurant (I made a reservation two following days at the same restaurant).

So, I probably caught COVID in a quiet province, in a deserted city, in a deserted restaurant with two shots of moderna in my body. 

I'm not an exception. All around me, tons of people get the omicron variant now. I guess that most of you will get it too in the coming weeks. 

What will it be in Brasil, India, Germany, United States with more more population density than in Canada?

So far, it's OK for me. I got a big headache the first day and I was really tired. Since then, I'm much better but I've lost taste and smell. However, I tried to bite an onion today and surprise, it was very strong in my mouth. I had to spit the onion. It was a disappointment because I thought that, for once in my life, I could have eat an onion just like it was an apple. 

I think that we'll have to think about that for 2022: Almost everybody will get COVID. Probably a mild version of it. But a version anyway. Will it be mild for almost everybody and we'll finally get a kind of global immunization? Or will it be hard on every country? I don't know. 

 The world is so unpredictable. 


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