vendredi 31 décembre 2021

My portfolio for 2021

It's been another fucked up year. When we thought it was about to stop and we were invincible because of our vaccines, there's a new variant that goes through every protection, just like a fucking X-RAY that goes through concrete. I tell you, lock the doors and put towels at the bottom of every door and window. No oxygen will enter and you may suffocate, but at least, you won't get COVID. In other words, chose the way you want to die.

So, as I lay on the couch with my body full of COVID, I will do like my beautiful friend Jason Del Vicario did on Twitter: I will disclaim my full portfolio as of december 31th 2021. So, all of you, insecure investors, feel free to copy everything if you doubt about every stock you own. 

Penetrator's portfolio on december 31st 2021:

Constellation Software: 12,1%

Alphabet (Google): 11,6%

Meta (Facebook): 10,6%

Microsoft: 8,3%

Mastercard: 7,2%

Keysight Technologies: 6,9%

Amazon: 5,8%

Epam Systems: 5,4%

Copart: 5,1%

Adobe: 5%

Paypal: 4,3%

Five Below: 3,7%

Visa: 3,2%

Lithia Motors: 2,6%

Edwards Lifesciences: 2,2%

InMode: 1,8%

Pinterest: 1,6%

AliBaba: 1,6%

Cash: 1,1%

Here' a little flashback. On may 31st, I wrote:

"Penetrator Portfolio Performance YTD: 6%

S&P Performance YTD:  14%

It's almost certain that my portfolio will be beaten by the S&P this year. I don't plan on changing my strategy to help my portfolio. I just accept, halfway through the year, that an index fund would beat me for the whole year. 

Yep, beaten by something without a brain".

It looks like the market is like a baseball game. All can change with a late home run or some other crap. Because even if I was way behind the market halfway through the year, god knows how I managed to come back. For the whole year, the S&P did 25,8% (24,6% + 1,2% dividend) while my portfolio did 26,5%. It's a tiny 0,7% plus value, but I managed to come back from far far away.  

I just don't know what happened. But I accept the worship that anybody would give me. I probably deserve it.

Happy new year!

4 commentaires:

  1. My return on the year was 24.62 percent...

    Hoping that 2022 will be a better year for everyone out there...

  2. QQQ should be the new benchmark

  3. My portfolio 2022-01-07
    3% CASH:CAD
    12% TSE:CSU
    11% TSE:BAM.A & CVE:PVF.UN
    10% TSE:ATD
    10% TSE:EQB
    9% TSE:DOL
    8% TSE:ENGH
    7% CVE:TOI
    6% TSE:CTS
    3% TSE:GIB.A
    3% TSE:CNR
    3% TSE:CCL.B
    3% TSE:DND
    3% CVE:CTZ
    3% TSE:ECN
    3% TSE:MTY
    1% TSE:BYD
    0% TSE:WPK

    P/FE 19.82
    ROE 16.88%