mercredi 5 janvier 2022

A return on my 5 picks for 2021

On december 27th, 2020, I wrote that my 5 picks for 2020 were as following:

Square (SQ)

Facebook (FB)

Fair Isaac (FICO)

Epam Systems (EPAM)

Nike (NKE)

An astute observer would notice that I still own only two of these five companies. Which shows how faithful I am with my conviction picks.

Here's the performance of these 5 stocks in 2020:

SQ: - 27%

FB: + 25%

FICO: - 14%

EPAM: + 92%

NKE: + 19%

Average performance: 19%

Not bad, but easily beaten by the S&P. 

That's why I prefer to hold 15-20 stocks. You can manage to do a few mistakes with such a portfolio. With only 5 stocks, it's gonna be harder. 

By the way, I'd like to highlight the fact that most of the people who submitted stocks last year did pretty bad. Some of you suck big time. Fuck you. 

7 commentaires:

  1. You waited too long to follow-up on this...When you didn't mention anything at year-end...I deleted my word doc that had my pics on it...

    So I'm not sure how I did but no matter...Picking how 5 stocks will do over the course of just a year is more for entertainment value than anything else...

    Having said all this, I don't think I did very well...

    1. I limit the suggestions to 5 stocks because it forces people to focus on the best companies on their minds.

  2. On Dec 28, 2020 I submitted these pick.

    Acuity Ads -71.2%
    American Tower +18.9%
    Aritzia +101.3%
    Five Below +13.2%
    Mastercard +4.8%

    Average +13.4%

    Fortunately I didnt ride Acuity for a round trip and sold for a gain but, using full year numbers only +13.4%

    1. Just one very bad pick can make a big difference. You are the living proof.

  3. My picks one year ago on Dec 28, 2021"

    Adcore -28%
    Boyd -3.5%
    Enghouse -2%
    Fortinet +142%
    Sangoma +33%

    Ok OK I'm not the best investor but I did all right. Do you agree penetrator??

  4. It should of read one year ago on Dec 28, 2020