dimanche 27 février 2022

Before we all die in WWIII, let's see how we could use that momentum: General Dynamics (GD) and Raytheon (RTX)

 I'm not interested in dirty industries or "politically sensitive" stocks (tobacco, guns, lotteries, casinos...). 

But I guess that General Dynamics and Raytheon (two aerospace and defense companies) could be good investments until there's a nuclear bomb rain all over the earth. 

We're currently in the worst situation ever between Russia and Western countries (maybe the missile crisis in the 60's was worse, but not by far). Putin is now talking about the possibility of using nuclear equipment. I guess he won't because for one bomb used toward NATO, he'll probably receive 10 bombs. He simply can't beat NATO. But he could destroy a few european cities before he precipitates his country into hell.  

The besy solution for everybody, including the russian people, is if russians would start a revolution and chop Putin's head or if someone close to Putin puts a bullet in his head. If it comes from inside, everybody will win. Us and them. 

We all hope it will happen sooner than later. But until then, NATO will spend a lot of money on defense. And these two companies, while having so-so margins, OK valuation and OK ROE should perform well whatever the level of inflation we're facing. 

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