mercredi 23 février 2022

Who benefits the crime?

Since the beginning of the year, my portfolio has melted like an Iceberg in the Sahara. I actually never lost that much money in all my life. Which is a bit dramatic if we exclude the fact that I never had as much money as I had at the end of 2021. 

I have to admit that I may have overpaid for some stocks. And when you overpay, market drops are harder on you. However, my biggest stakes weren't that expensive. 

How can we explain that many companies recently released great earnings and are still down a lot? Many stocks have beaten expectations by a wide margin and are down 10 or 15% since then. 

That's a tough period. But we've lived in wonderland for many years. Maybe it was time for some difficulties, just to epurate the market from all these speculators that are around. Like all these people that tripled their money in 6 months with a stock they knew jack shit about. 

That fucking Putin probably gets a lot of money from all this crisis. Who benefits the crime? That's always the fucking question that we should ask. Agatha Christie told us that. 

1 commentaire:

  1. I wouldn't be too quick to blame Putin about all of this. I know he is no angel but the United States are behind much of it this.

    Funny but despite all his bombast, Donald Trump was the only president since Eisenhower not to involve his country in a Foreign war. Eisenhower warned his people about the influnce of the military industrial complex which dominates the United States and with it, NATO as well.

    And I wouldn't rely on the mainstream media for information. They hopelessly corrupt and just spew out propaganda.

    Just my two cents...