vendredi 6 janvier 2023

When something's rotten...

When Valeant changed it's name to Bausch Health company and changed it's CEO, some people thought that this company would have a rebirth. 

But what these superficial people forgot is that a rebirth may be possible, but only for a company that's not been managed for years by a crook, that doesn't carry a very high debt, that didn't overpaid by far for many products and that didn't raised the price of some of it's products by so much that it lost all respect by millions of people all around the world. 

Change the CEO and change the name and all that shit remains.

I remember writing on some forum (probably Seeking Alpha) that this company was going nowhere even if the new CEO seemed to clean the place.

Then, a random guy told me that I lacked judgment by thinking that Bausch Health was now a totally different company. 

Actually, I don't know how things are going at this company. It's surely cleaner than it was because of all the exposure of the recent years. But I prefer to buy a house that's been well kept than a house where all the drains were broken and there was shit everywhere in the basement. Even with the best plumber, there will remain stains and smell of shit in the basement. 

Bausch Health stock price:

January 5h 2023: 9,72$
January 2022: 31$
January 2021: 34$
January 2020: 35$
January 2019: 32$

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