mercredi 21 juillet 2021

Cute Saskatchewan

I just come back from a trip to Saskatchewan. 

I thought that it would be more boring than what it was. 

First, the fields are endless, like everybody imagines. But they're beautiful: yellow, green and sometimes even blue (I don't know which culture causes that color). It's very relaxing to drive among these fields. And they're more beautiful that the fields we see along the highway in Quebec. 

Saskatoon was a nice city. The industrial and commercial areas are not really nice, but the downtown sector is lovely. There's a river crossing the city, with a beach along the river. There's many bridges. Some people even call Saskatoon "The Paris of the prairies" (which is a fucking joke if you ask me, because if that's Paris, then Edmonton is Shanghai).

It's probably more beautiful than what people imagine. Of course, your expectations have to be low, in my opinion. Because if you expect to be breathless before a majestic scenery, you may be dissapointed. But if you want to discover a nice and quiet place, it may be a good pick for you. 

I'd go back there, which indicates that I liked it. 

Please, go there, once in your life. 

You have to see and feel the prairies because otherwise,

there's a big part of Canada that you're missing. 

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