vendredi 9 juillet 2021

Random list about special places in Canada

 1- Most overrated place: Vancouver

I like Jason Del Vicario and I know that he will probably be angry by this, but let's face it: Vancouver is a fucking dump. There's homeless people everywhere, the streets are not that clean, the downtown buildings are not that beautiful. It’s a correct city at best. The only interesting thing about Vancouver is the weather. You won't freeze there, like everywhere else in Canada. But I think that I prefer cold to syringes. 

2- Most underrated place: Newfoundland

I haven't seen everything in Newfoundland but I've loved that province. To me, it's the most special province in Canada because of the fact that it's remote, it's an island (which always has some impact on a culture), people are cool and the view is amazing in many places. I can't wait to go back there and visit St-John's. 

3- Favorite big city: Toronto

Among the large cities (more than 1 million people), I've visited Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. My favorite is, by far, Toronto. What a nice city. The architecture is nice, there's action on the streets, most people look nice, there's a kind of Time Squares downtown. However, I think that my favorite thing to do was to visit Toronto islands. That's the best view you can get of Toronto. 

4- Least favorite big city: Ottawa

Yes, Vancouver is a dump and that's probably the best place to get AIDS in Canada. But, at least, there's some action there. On the other hand, Ottawa is probably the most boring big city I've seen in my life. Nothing ever happens there. You go for a walk on the streets at 8 PM on friday night and you meet nobody. It looks like a fucking ghost town. How come? It's such a beautiful city (surely one of the most beautiful cities in Canada) but it's so boring that it makes it a place where you wonder what the fuck you're doing there.  

5- Surprising city: Saskatoon

I suppose that 90% of canadians will live their entire life without ever thinking about going to Saskatchewan and they’ll probably live a fine existence. However, in my opinion, Saskatoon downtown is a nice place to visit. There’s a nice river, with nice bridges crossing it. It looks a bit like Ottawa but with a much less impressive architecture. However, it’s far from being as dull and charmless as many people would expect.

6- Worst province: New-Brunswick

I haven't visited Manitoba and everybody says it's dreadful. But, so far, the most boring province I've visited is New-Brunswick. What a boring place. There's only forests and ugly houses that look like shacks. People are nice, but they neither speak french nor english. They speak like settlers from the 18th century. The acadiens have names that quebecers had 50 years ago. For instance, you can meet 40 years old girls named Louise or Denise, which are names of 70 years women in Quebec. I wonder if I will meet someone from New-Brunswick that will surprise me in a positive way, one day. 

7- Most beautiful scenery: Rockies (Banff)

Of course, I haven't seen everything in Canada. I believe that Nunavut and Yukon could really surprise me (mostly for their national parks that look amazing), but, among what I've seen so far, the most spectacular views are in the Banff area (Lake Louise, Lake Moraine and the road between Banff and Jasper). That's really beautiful. Every canadian (and foreigner, why not?) should visit that place at least once. 

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    1. Probably but i suppose that i’ll never be able to confirm.

  2. Get your ass to Winnipeg!

    My favourite in Canada(that i've been to) so far is Montreal, thought it was great.

    Saskatoon is nice place - I have some family there - though I haven't been in years.

  3. Yes Vancouver totally sucks... please STAY AWAY.

  4. I think you must have only stayed on Hastings while in Van. It definitely has its slums like any major city but many parts of Vancouver are insanely beautiful! Also I think Calgary should get an honorable mention. I recall you posting that it was so boring and downtown was dead. That was because you were hear during a lockdown where pretty much nobody was going downtown and bars/restaurants were dead. Who travels Canada during covid lockdowns?? :)

    1. Yes of course it was during lockdown but there was much more action in Vancouver than in Calgary at the same exact period.

    2. Yes of course it was during lockdown but there was much more action in Vancouver than in Calgary at the same exact period.