samedi 31 décembre 2022

Very last post of 2022

It was probably a tough year for every investor out there except a few ones who invest in stuff that moves with lots of unpredictability like mines or shit like that. 

It was tough for me. Not mentally tough because I'm now almost immune against these wide swings (as long as they concern the whole market and not one specific stock). It comes with experience. I think that not any investor can be too emotive otherwise, it won't even work on the short terme. 

For 2022, my portfolio is down by 22.5% while the market (S&P500) is down by 17.8%. 

I've been beaten by almost 5% which is disappointing for me. 

Everybody should track their performance like I do. Because after a few years of underperformance versus the market, anybody should give up investing and buy a fund that reproduces the S&P. I like the stock market, but I don't play that game to become poorer. 

What's the fucking use of investing if it makes you poorer than a path that requires no brain?

2 commentaires:

  1. Even if you beat the market every year it has to be by a significant percentage to be a worthwhile endeavor given the amount of work and risk involved. 5% above the market every year is good for institutions because it's not their money and they get paid to be stock pickers.

  2. Up 11% last year. Main holdings Iridium, Fairfax and Abbvie.